Friday, March 26, 2010

Still Got Nothing!

I have been thinking and thinking for days, trying to come up with a great post to make up for the fact that I have not posted anything since Valentines, but to my dismay~I still got nothing!!!

I decided that perhaps changing the look would help some, and especially since spring has sprung!! I wanted something that looks cheerful. With the warm weather we have been having we have started doing some much needed work around our house, cleaning up from all the deadness of winter. I was quite surprised the other day when I was cleaning out some of my flower beds at all the little sprouts shooting up, and the new life that they bring. I will post some pictures as things continue to improve around the house. But, for now I figured what is better? posting nothing or posting that I still got nothing to post about! SO here's hoping that you will like my new look and get a chuckle out of my state of nothingness!!

Good day to you all with love,

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