Thursday, August 5, 2010

Youth Revival At FBC

Bro. Jonathan, Ms. Kelsey, & Little Hayden Davis
We just finished a youth revival at our church last night. Bro. Jonathan Davis and his family were there with us. Our church loves this family and they are always such a blessing to be around. Thank you to Bro. Jonathan for all the great messages we heard, and a big thank you to all our church for all the hard work and the prayers that you have done to make this week possible. I pray that this revival will continue on in the hearts of our people, and I hope that our young people will continue to seek God's will for their lives.

A few days prior to the start of the revival a deal was made with all of the youth that whoever brought the most visitors would have the opportunity to throw a pie in my husbands face. (He of course pleaded that it NOT be coconut...Due to the fact that he hates anything coconut)!!! We did tell all of our youth that of course it is ok to have a little fun, but this was not the main thing for this revival, and that the most important part was to see lives touched and hopefully changed. As the week continued it was decided that Bro. Jonathan Davis would also be in on this and he too would get a pie in the face! :) He willingly agreed, and so the week continued with a count of who brought the most. The winner was Emily Pallotta, and she was MORE than willing to throw those pies! I got a video and a few pictures of the event. They will be uploaded soon so please come back to see!

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