Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Great Outdoors!!

A couple weeks ago we went on a camping trip with Scott, Kristan, and all the boys to Cherokee National Forest! The weather was perfect and it was so beautiful up there. It was nice getting away for a couple days and having fun with family. We got there on Thursday afternoon and we left on Saturday morning. I like camping and it's kinda interesting living like that for a couple days but I don't think I would want to do it for very long periods of time. I'm very much a 'Home Sweet Home' kinda girl!! The first day we kinda just hung around our campsite, played around, and I ate way more than I should have!! What is it about camping that makes you just want to eat ALL the time? Anyway, the second day after breakfast we all loaded up and went farther up in the mountains to see some of the scenery, afterwards we came back for supper and to settle down for the evening. Kristan made a big pot of chili and we sat around the campfire talking, making smores, and having fun! Later that night things got a little interesting when Kristan, and I got scared half to death by some sort of CRITTER that was in the woods!!! Turned out that it was just a bird (we think..?) but, needless to say I wanted to sleep in the car!! Silly I know, but you never really know what is lurking around in the woods after dark! All in all though it was a great trip and I'm very glad we all got to go. It made for some fun family memories!!

Check out this video of our camping trip from September!

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