Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So... today is January 1, 2012! I can't believe it is already the start of a brand new year and since today is Sunday I can't think of a better place to start off the new year than being in God's house today. I had planned to take pictures today of everything we would be doing to commemorate the day, but unfortunately I am stuck in the bed with a nasty cold and fever that I can't seem to fully shake. :( So... that said, I plan to take some pictures in the next couple of days and next Sunday to show how we have started off our new year! Trust me... you wouldn't want to see any pictures of me today! ;)

I've also decided (for the new year) that if I'm gonna have a blog then I had better keep up with it better than I have in the past, or do away with it all together. I'm not making any "new year's resolution promises," but here's hoping I can do a better job of keeping things up to date! I'm starting off with a new theme. Patriotic is always nice, but I thought seeing as how winter is officially here the snow ball fight theme better applies. ;) Stay will be appearing soon!

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