Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garden Blessings!

The Lord has really blessed our garden this year with so much. We were able to get started a little earlier this spring than we normally do. I do not have pictures of everything, but I did try to get picture of most everything we had to come in. We have been so happy that things have gone as well as they have. Last year our garden didn't do so well, mainly due to harsh weather. However, I just have to tell the Lord thank you for the beautiful harvest He blessed us with this year! I put up a total of 60 cups of squash, 13 quarts plus we have a total of 30 ears of corn, 8 pints of cushaw, about 4 quarts of green bell peppers, and we had SO many tomatoes. I put up pasta sauce, pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, tomato juice, and salsa. I'm not sure how much of each one, but I know it ended up being about 60 jars total! What a blessing. :)

Here are a few pictures from our harvest~

Check out all that corn! oh! btw..I also ended up being stung by a packsaddle while picking the corn. I have never been stung by one and in fact was not even 100% sure of what it looked like. I remember right before it happened, I was thinking how happy I was to almost be finished picking all the corn without anyone being stung, and then BAM! I got it good. :) There were actually two of them and they both managed to get me pretty good. By the time I got inside the house my hand was already swollen and had two very big red welts.

Anyway, back to the corn..Here is a picture of the 13 quarts we put in the freezer!
Just in case you have never seen a packsaddle and wonder what it looks like, here ya go. Now that I look at it, I think it's kinda pretty, but at the time I got stung that was not at all the thought going through by mind!

A friend of mine said it right..."how can something so small and quite pretty, do something so awful?"

Chopped green bell peppers ready for the freezer. It's hard to tell it from the picture, but this ended up being about 2 quarts with by the time I got it all chopped up. I LOVE to cook with peppers so the fact that I have so much put up is awesome!
A few of the watermelon we grew! The two smaller ones were not as ripe as the rest, but it was OHHHH so good! Jonathan and I both love watermelon so we have grown it every year in our garden. I think it is a perfect sweet and cool treat on a hot summer day. :)
An over-flowing veggie basket!

Just one picture from the many times that my kitchen sink was this full of tomatoes!

Again I have to say, Thank you, Lord for your bountiful supply!

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