Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sleep Over & Water Wars

Last weekend we had Water Wars again at church. Everyone had so much fun last year that we decided we would make a tradition of it and do it every year. It's a day that we set aside to have a bunch of fun with water games! Everyone ends up being very wet but it's so much fun that it is worth it. :) Last year actually was the first time Jonathan and I had ever been! We had not joined FBC yet but we wanted to and we thought that this would be a fun time to get to know everyone a little better! That was a year ago! and it seems so hard to believe that we have been at FBC for a year already! We LOVE our new church! And we are so happy that the Lord sent us to Fellowship!

All of the girls had been asking for a while if we could have a sleep over at my house! So the night before Water Wars we had a sleep over! We had a big bonfire and roasted hot dogs outside! They played a VERY long game of "LIFE" not sure who won though? We also watched a movie and all crashed at about 2:00 a.m. I did lose a little sleep but that is ok cause I enjoyed having all of them over so much!! And I hope to do it all again soon! Here are some pictures from Water Wars and a couple from our sleep over!

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  1. Hey Becky, those are some great pictures. I've been checking your blog lately and was happy to see you've updated. Looks like you all had a great sleep-over. I know the boys had a good time in the water. Loveya, kristan