Saturday, December 5, 2009

100 Things About Me

In completely random order, 100 things about me:

1. I was born in Naha, Japan
2. I lost my first tooth when I was 3...knocked it out in a swimming pool!
3. I started home schooling in 6th grade
4. It's snowing at my house right now...first one of the year! I'm lovin' it!
5. Sometimes I read stuff backwards.
6. I still LOVE to watch cartoons!
7. I had braces for 3 1/2 years.
8. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 18.
9. I HATE lima beans...nasty stuff!
10. I still love to color!
11. I like to play in the rain.
12. I learned how to tie my shoes when I was 3.
13. I know how to skate backwards.
14. I played softball for 4 years and loved it, but I was not really all that good...I would play again if I could, but I am almost sure I would double-over with pain while trying to run to first base!
15. I HATE! HATE! HATE! coffee...I even hold my nose when I go down that aisle in the grocery store cause I hate to smell it.
16. I was raised in Church most of my life, but did not get saved until I was 18.
17. I am so gullible.
18. I love telling people about Jesus, and what He's done for me.
19. Although...I am very shy, and freeze like a popsicle if I have to talk to someone I don't know.
20. I was a VERY BIG tom boy when I was younger
21. I don't like showering (but don't worry, I do!)
22. I am TERRIFIED, and I mean TERRIFIED of big dogs!
23. I can't do jumping jacks!
24. I was in 1st grade for 2 years :(
25. My Favorite color is pink!
26. I took spanish for 3 1/2 years in elementary school.
27. I failed my drivers test the first time I took it.
28. I LOVE orange juice!
29. I love to cook new recipes!
30. I have a sewing machine, but can't sew a fact I think it hates me!
31. However, I love to do cross stitching!
32. I have great (and I mean great) in-laws!
33. My full name is Rebecca Marie-Ann Snow.
34. I knew my husband for about 8 yrs before we ever started dating.
35. Our Anniversary is April 16, 2005
36. I love to draw!
37. I love toe socks!
38. I would rather work outside all day than in the house for an hour.
39. I'm NOT a morning person!
40. I hate when someone empties the trash and does not put a new bag in the trash can.
41. I turned 21 a week before we got married.
42. My favorite Christmas movie is "White Christmas"
43. I have a pink iPhone...and I am ashamed to say I would prolly be lost without it cause it has everything in it.
44. My favorite game is called "My Word" but I loose every time I play it!
45. My favorite sandwich is PB&J
46. I did not go to college
47. I cracked the bone and tore 2 tendons in my ankle when I was 22.
48. I live in the country on a tiny road, and completely love it!
49. Sometimes my eyes are brown, sometimes they are green...depends on what I am wearing.
50. I love to watch Andy Griffith~Whew! Half way - are you stickin' with me?
51. I can't say the word-pistachio
52. I am VERY ticklish!
53. I CAN"T STAND to have my feet touched, and I cannot control what might happen if they do get touched! Watch out! you might get kicked in the head or something!
54. I DON"T like horror movies.
55. My dream vacation was always to go to Italy, now I am cool with anywhere if it gets ya away for a vacation!
56. Don't ever trust me with your keys...for some reason I loose other peoples keys.
57. I had long hair when I was little.
58. I had strep throat like 10 times in 1 year...I had my tonsils removed the following year.
59. I Love, Love, Love to scrapbook, but I am the slowest scrap-booker ever! I have stuff from 2007 that I have still not done!
60. I don't really collect anything...that I know of anyway!
61. I used to hate milk and now I love it.
62. I am always so cold....even when it's really warm outside I get cold easy.
63. When I laugh really hard it makes my eyes water.
64. I am 25, but I am a total teen girl at heart (sleep over anyone?)
65. I tried to wear contact, but couldn't, so I just look like a geek in my glasses.
66. I take the Bible literally.
67. I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell, and only 1 way to get to Heaven.
68. I discovered that the easter bunny was fake when I was 3 because when I went to the mall to have my picture taken with him...I saw his socks and I knew that he was not supposed to have socks on....In the picture I am crying!
69. I don't understand why parents tell their kids that there is a santa, easter bunny, or tooth fairy only to have to tell them a few years down the road that it's not really true.
70. I have PCOS which is causing us problems to have kids, but I know God is able, and CAN work a miracle beyond all our dreams!
71. I love to watch football!!! Especially UT and Indy Colts!
72. I hate the way green apple candy taste.
73. I love the smell from our fireplace burning in the winter.
74. I still have my favorite child-hood toy! my bear~Bubby
75. I am a really bad bowler, but love it anyway!
76. I sing with a trio at Church sometimes, but really sound awful!
77. I like to dip french fries in ice cream!
78. I cry every time I watch "It's A Wonderful Life"
79. I won 1st place in the high jump contest one year during field day at school, but I am only 5ft. tall.
80. I still have a crush on my husband, and I get butterflies when he kisses me!
81. I don't like swimming in lakes, ponds, or the ocean (because I don't like creepy crawly things).
82. However, I love, love, love the beach!
83. Jonathan and I spent our honeymoon at Ft. Walton Beach, FL.
84. I enjoy hiking.
85. I love being surprised.
86. I can't drive a stick shift to well.
87. I once locked my keys in the car and they were in the driver seat.
88. I have never been to Washington, D.C.
89. I get carsick really easy! :(
90. Nyquil makes me really hyper.
91. My husband is the youth director at our Church and we work with the greatest group of young people! I just love it!
92. I LOVE pickles!
93. I LOVE to read my Bible!
94. I hate dusting the furniture...I do it!...but to me it just seems pointless.
95. I don't like chocolate milk or hot chocolate.
96. My favorite candy bar is Snickers! I LOVE EM'!
97. I love being a woman.
98. I love diet sprite...(aka~carbonated water)
99. If I see my own blood...chances of me passing out are pretty High!
100. I am SO glad to be finished with this list - that was hard work!

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