Friday, December 4, 2009

In His Grip

When I woke up this morning my thoughts seemed to go immediately to the tasks that lay before me, as I looked around I saw a mess in every corner it seemed like, a pile of laundry, a dishwasher needing to be emptied to make way for all the dirty dishes in the sink, and the list of chores continues, plus all the other things that do not just pertain to the house. As I looked around I began to feel quite over whelmed. I started thinking...where do I begin? How am I supposed to get all this done? As I stood there just looking...I jokingly thought, “I need a twin or something cause It’s gonna take more than just me to get all this done!” Then I told myself “Oh Becky, just get a grip and start somewhere!”

It seemed like at that moment God said, “Ya know, I can help you get all that stuff done today if you will just ask me!” my reply was “Yes Lord, and I am gonna need all of Your help I can get and I do not want to begin this day without You.

This was actually the very topic of the devotion given last night at our Secret Sister Banquet by Ms Williams, how if we will get up faithfully every morning and give the Lord the first part of our day that He will be faithful back to us, and speak to our hearts and give us something that we will need to make it through that day.

As I opened my Bible I saw a verse that I have written in the inside cover. For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. Isaiah 41:13

As I read this verse I remember what I had said first “just get a grip” and I realized that I did not need to get a grip because I am in his grip! It seemed like He said to me “See, I told you I would help you!” as long as I am holding your hand, and I always will, and you can’t get away because you are in My grip!

Thank You Lord, for giving me just what I needed to make it through this day, and thank you for reminding me that you are right there holding my hand ready and willing to help me....if I just ask!

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